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A competitive real time tactical game where adaptation is the key to victory.

YOMIBA are micro organisms that have evolved from source known as YOMI. As they evolve, they develop personalities and special talents that they use to thrive in their environments. Play as one of four YOMIBA and adapt to survive! 

Use their Talents to trap and attack the enemy. Manage your Health Points and YOMI Level to unleash powerful blows or react defensively. 

Each YOMIBA is unique, discover the one that connects with you!

 YOMIBA comes with:

  •   4 Playable YOMIBA: Pachi, Bobba, Dekku, and Charo.
  •   Index,  a useful tool to learn more about YOMIBA.
  •   YOMIBA Field Guide.
  •   YOMIBA OST with exactly 1 track!

NOTES: This game is designed for local Multiplayer and two Game Pads in mind. For the best  experience, please use two Game Pads to play the game. 

UPDATES: I'll be making changes over time to fix bugs. Feel free to follow me here or social media for the latest updates. If you happen to come across anything that doesn't feel right bring it to my attention ^_^


Download NowName your own price

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YOMIBA (1.01) Windows 14 MB
YOMIBA (1.01) macOS 16 MB
YOMIBA Field Guide (1.01) 3 MB


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how do i start game

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Hey there! Thanks for checking out YOMIBA. 

If you are using keyboard controls you can select a menu option with Enter or Space bar.

If you are using a game pad (which is recommended) such as a PS4 controller use the “X” button or what would be the equivalent on your game pad.

When you are at the character selection screen, refer to the instruction booklet for your controller type. 


Howdy! Love the game, had tonnes of fun playing with my friend. I only encountered 1 problem, the controls. They were not specified so it took a while for u s to figure them out. I suggest a during the character select screen you add the control scheme in so players know what they are doing. Other than that, great game!


Hi Ethan, thank you so much for playing! I’m so glad to hear you’ve been enjoying the game and thanks for the feedback, I appreciate it. 


hey we met at SNS5
how do i download?

Hi there Metaleon! This is page is still in development  but the game will be available 6/28/19 for free (for Mac and PC). I appreciate your follow up and I hope you enjoy the game when it’s out!


Oh wait that's today XD

i cannot find a download button?

Hey Metaleon, the game is available now! I appreciate your patience and your excitement for YOMIBA!